Summary:  Quintus Dias is an author of fiction and historical fiction screenplays and novels that reflects his life experience and accumulated knowledge base.


International Background: I grew up, attended schools in Europe and North Africa. I spent most of my early life in Spain, Portugal, Italy, North Africa, and in Germany. I am fluent in Spanish. I come from a diplomatic/foreign office family. My father was a noted naval engineer and architect attached to NATO commands. My mother was a newspaper reporter, social commentator, and artist. My brothers held or are now holding high positions in the US government, international business concerns, and in engineering firms. Finally, I am a world traveler.

Education: I hold five academic degrees including all the preparatory work for a Ph.D. I have a BA in Law and Justice, and MAs in Criminal Justice and Government/International Relations and Security Issues.

Career: My career includes stints as a professional aircraft pilot, law officer, criminal investigator, and criminal intelligence agent/analyst. I have served as a nuclear security officer, business executive, chief of police, as a college professor in criminology, and international security affairs, and as the director of an emergency services training academy.

Interests: My interests range from international security issues, to rummaging around ghost towns, cooking, kayaking in the great outback, and visiting historical sites. I am involved with the Exo Politics community and the Disclosure Project.

Current Endeavors: I am currently at work on my fifth historically based epic novel related to the Mexican Revolution, which delineates factually based little known German and American intelligence operations inside revolutionary Mexico. I have written some 30 screenplays, including two mini-series, and currently, I am at work on a third based on the anti-Nazi and anti-communist resistance movements in Europe during World War II. I contribute stories and articles on national security and political issues for several Internet web sites and blogs

Currently, I am an author and screenwriter bringing to life compelling stories based on all my experiences.   I’ve worked as an actor, and theater manager for a well-known theatrical arts and re-enactment company in the Southwest. My partner, the noted researcher and writer “Cyrellys” and I founded Flying Cloud Productions based in Montana. We are developing content for global film and international publishing markets, servicing the science fiction, thriller and drama genres.

A list of my academic work is as follows:


  1. Creating Chaos Under Heaven-The United States And China: Worldviews, Threat Perceptions, and Strategic Implications for the 21St Century (375 pgs.). Master’s Thesis. New Mexico State University.
  1. The SS Police and Nazi Legal Policy as Weapons of Political Warfare: 1936-1942 (275 pgs.). Master’s Thesis. New Mexico State University.



  1. Juveniles and the Gang Lifestyle: A New Perspective. March 1997. Central Washington University.
  1. The Cybernation of War and Terror: Information as a Weapon in War & Terrorism. November 2001. New Mexico State University.
  1. Dealing with the Dragon: Assessing China through the Neo-Realist Perspective. December 2002. New Mexico State University.
  1. The Great Game Redux in Central Asia: An Open Source Geostrategic Intelligence Analysis. November 2003.   New Mexico State University.
  1. China and the North Korean Gambit: Issues in Regional Asian Security. March 2004. New Mexico State University.
  1. The Bear and the Dragon.       The United States and the Sino-Russo Strategic Partnership. A Security Analysis. April 2004. New Mexico State University.




Aircraft. I hold flight engineer, commercial pilot and instructor pilot licenses

Weapons. I am certified as a light weapons instructor and police tactics instructor

Note. I was a police department tactical weapons and tactics instructor. I also wrote   tactical guidelines and field training manuals


Publicity and Press Relations

I am an experienced business executive and familiar with the need for competent press relations, marketing, and the venues for generating favorable publicity. Moreover, I welcome seminar settings, public meetings, and interactions with the public in all settings. I have conducted and hosted seminars, academic conferences and have served as a moderator for such meetings. I have written numerous press releases and have hosted numerous press conferences, some of which dealt with controversial topics.